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Hello! Welcome to TalkTime Scotland

The first free counselling service for 12-25 year olds who are physically disabled or have long-term physical health conditions

Emma, former client with TalkTime

TalkTime is a unique counselling charity for young people in Scotland aged 12-25 who are
either physically disabled or have a long-term physical health condition. We offer weekly sessions of
free professional counselling either face-to-face from our base in Leith or by Skype for people
who are unable or prefer not to travel to reach us. Everything you say to your counsellor is kept
confidential and you can say as much or as little as you like. All our clients tell us that they feel
better after having shared their problems and we have received some fantastic feedback:

“My experience with TalkTime was invaluable in helping me navigate my way through a
particularly challenging time in my life. Although my chronic illness was initially a physical one, it
triggered mental and emotional anxieties that were heightened during my studies at university.
My counsellor at TalkTime helped me reach a happier place in which I was more positive,
accepting and forgiving with myself. It helped me gain back the confidence that had been
knocked during the five years of battling illness.”

“I felt at ease talking with my counsellor about my physical and mental issues, her approach and
skills were really spot on and I always recommend TalkTime to others.”

“I'm so happy to have found TalkTime”

To book an initial appointment just ring or text us on 07774 210104 or email on

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